How it Works?

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What’s Aesthetic Water Cooler?

Professionals operating in the aesthetic health care sector including plastic surgeons and dermatologists stand to gain major benefits by launching their own podcast and water cooler sessions. For those who are not familiar with these novel and creative technologies, Aesthetic Water Coolers provided by Ekwa Marketing can go a long way. You could reach thousands of other doctors operating in the field and potential clients and reach ‘star status’ with a growing fan base by taking this unique step.

How it works?

At commencement of your water cooler series, you begin with the starter package which will be effective for the first two months. During this period, you have to go with a pre-approved sponsor and cannot pay on your own. Afterwards, you can opt for one of three packages – Premium, Gold and Diamond (Check out the payment plans on and pay accordingly or continue with the same sponsor.
At the beginning and end of the water cooler session, you (the benefactor) would have to mention the sponsor by name and thank them. The promotional graphics on the water cooler would also feature their sponsorship tags. A slide with the sponsorship details would be included in the episode video which will feature on the water cooler website.

Is there any necessity for a water cooler?

In this fast-paced world where Digital Marketing is the ‘in’ thing, the power of the internet cannot be emphasized enough. How your business grows would depend largely on how well you use these new media. Podcasts and water coolers are key platforms enabling you to dominate online and become well known as an industry expert so that your competitors are outranked and your business grows.

  • Your listeners can be targeted effectively in a more specific manner with your own aesthetic-related water cooler.
  • You can become an expert on the aesthetics industry and share your expertise and knowledge with the target audience.
  • You can increase your fan base by getting other professionals and clients to know, like and trust you.
  • Increase new leads from potential clients.
  • Boost your online profile and reputation among competitors and clients as an effective speaker.
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